Project Management - Accounting and Finance Teams

Helping you transition your team into essential business partners

Why should your accounting team be essential business partners?

Due to many economic, competitive and technological pressures today, what worked yesterday may not work tomorrow.  Change is required so quickly in your business, and it must keep up or risk falling behind.  Did you know you have a tremendous resource available within your accounting department that can help you navigate to ensure your business is always moving forward?

This department also holds the essential information you need to make key strategic decisions as well as capital asset decisions you need to consider.  Does your accounting team have the capacity and capabilities to help you with these decisions?

The challenge for many accounting teams today

Unfortunately, the accounting teams of many small businesses fall into the “the status quo trap” as the organization grows.  It is natural to hesitate before adding resources (i.e. system improvements and people) until it becomes really urgent. So, due to the heavy transaction workloads, many accounting teams cannot see the forest for the trees and are simply doing all they can just to “keep the lights on” in the organization.  Sound familiar?

It doesn’t have to be this way!  Skillsets increasingly in demand within your accounting team that will help you effectively manage the changes you need to make to the business are; agility, creative problem solving, collaboration and entrepreneurial thinking.  Unfortunately, these skills are not normally observable and practised.  They can be learned and nurtured though and this is great news for you!

Deliberate strategies and tactics combined with the right approach and follow-up can be used to build upon your existing team, and in many cases, without having to hire additional senior staff.

How can we help?

We are an extension of your current finance team, no matter how big or small, and help to identify current bottlenecks and challenges, and quickly create priorities and tactics to move through these.  At the same time, we begin assessing your team’s capabilities, in terms of key attributes such as; flexibility, self-awareness, career focus and desires, creativity, problem solving, engagement, eagerness to learn  We then have them create development plans to fill in gaps in skills and provide real-time feedback to them on their progress.  

It is our approach that makes all the difference … we work alongside your team to discover the key challenges and execute the solutions together. This is how your team can truly develop the skills most needed today.  

We can also help you with hiring needs ensuring the right mix of skills and capabilities you need to build your accounting team that will support your business now and in the years ahead.  

Let’s get started today!

“Your Strategy Navigator lives up to their name. They will guide your business internal processes from dysfunctional to an optimized well function system”


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