Leadership and Mentoring

Helping You Empower and Align your Leaders

Drivers of intangible shareholder value in most organizations today:

  • Well-recognized and trusted brand
  • Established reputation for delivering high quality products / services
  • Skilled and trained workforce that is difficult to replicate
  • Strategic locations that reduces distribution costs
  • Proprietary design efficiencies in production / processing equipment

This intangible value must be understood, protected and continuously built upon - becoming comfortable with the status quo is not an option anymore!

Investing in your leaders with a Leadership 1-1 Discovery session by YSN and having them create a personal development plan identified and followed up through this process will:

  1. Improve their self-awareness -- leaders will actively seek out regular feedback and become more aware of their unique strengths and performance gaps … and then will work hard to further practice their strengths and fill performance gaps
  2. Improve communication among leaders and within their teams using proven tools and tactics that are easy and fun to use!
  3. Improve problem solving and collaboration -- your staff will welcome problems after learning and practicing unique creative problem solving tools and strategies that will ensure ideas and solutions among their teams are uncovered and everyone is empowered to be part of the execution
  4. Improve leader and staff engagement -- a team working on their strengths, being led by a self-aware and collaborative leader is a key driver of lasting employee engagement

“Your Strategy Navigator lives up to their name. They will guide your business internal processes from dysfunctional to an optimized well function system”


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