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Helping You Optimize Your People, Processes and Resources

Why We Do What We Do

We are enthusiastic and strategic thinkers and planners that work with small businesses to uncover the hidden potential of your people, processes and resources. Since making people feel at ease is at the heart of all of our client interactions, we are able to help you and your team generate insights, connections, strategies and tactics that have never surfaced before.  We also help bring these ideas to life by offering as much or as little executional support and project management as you require. 

We have a special focus working with family-run businesses, building transition plans both for their business and for the owners.  To maximize the transfer of family wealth, these plans must be started early and involve important discussions among all the stakeholders - current and future.  Our unique approaches are especially powerful in these environments and go far beyond what traditional accounting and legal professionals can and are willing to provide. 

Why Work With Us

Commitment to Caring  | Walking Alongside | Personal Attention

We are super approachable and easy to talk to.  We first listen purposely to uncover the passions, talents, and ideas of the leaders and their teams.  We firmly believe that the most creative ideas and solutions to your biggest challenges lie directly within your people - not within any consultants you engage.  We apply innovative creative problem solving processes and combine these with tools that guarantee execution excellence each and every time. 

We thrive in situations where the strategy has shifted (or needs to shift) and the organizational capabilities haven’t kept pace.  With today’s pace and depth of economic and technological changes, strategies and tactics that worked well yesterday may need to change tomorrow.  Your leaders and staff may not have the time nor experience to uncover and prioritize the projects that will deliver the greatest results.  

About our founder, Bryan Huck CPA, CGA

Bryan HuckBryan has over 20 years of financial, strategic and operational leadership experience in several diverse businesses, with fifteen of these years spent in family-run small businesses.  These types of organizations have their unique rewards and challenges.  Bryan’s solid understanding of them allows him to identify the areas that are most impacting growth and then mobilizes the teams to make things happen.

His experience across all organizational departments along with his collaborative communication styles makes all of the difference with execution!  He empowers those closest to the work to ensure they play a significant part in the entire process - from discovery through to execution.  

Bryan is a CPA, CGA and is a lifelong learner. He has certifications in leadership, Creative Problem Solving and Innovative Thinking, Project management and Change Leadership.  


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